2010 Project 365 - MyLeroyPhotography

Mom wanted to get out of the house today, so we took a ride down to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach to see what kind of effects the oil spill was having on our beautiful paradise. There were plenty of workers slowly cleaning the beaches, but just a stones throw away we could see the pinkish rust sludge ready to pollute the beach again. While no one could swim, the beaches were open for sunbathing. I would have been happy to spend a week there. The reality of this catastrophe was seen in the lack of vacationers and the realization that many businesses will go belly up. It's far worse than any hurricane; a hurricane comes in, damages what it will, then we clean up and move on. This is something that will go on for months. When we went to the pass, there were many reporters and boats laying booms, and many more people standing silently, staring out at the water and wildlife, quietly whispering--like attending a funeral, saying goodbye to beloved family member. It made me want to cry.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

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