2010 Project 365 - MyLeroyPhotography

Dave and I took off to Atlanta for a weekend trip (not vacation). Our first stop was the Brewers v. Braves game at Turner Field. Taking in a Braves game is always enjoyable. Here Brian McCann (catcher for the Atlanta Braves) tags Casey McGehee (infielder for the Milwaukee Brewers) as he slides into home plate. Although it looks like a good play, it wasn't--the ball tipped McCann's glove and was actually behind him at the back stop.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love baseball, I just don't like watching it on TV. Take me to the ballpark and I'm in heaven. But I find too many distractions when watching a game on the big screen at home. Luckily, we sat next to a family from Uriah, Alabama, who gave us the low-down on all the players, their stats, and who to watch.

BTW, I believe they said that the ump behind the plate that night was one of the most hated umps in the country. But I forget his name. How is it that even the umps are well known?