2011 Project 365 - MyLeroyPhotography

In January I started back to our local gym. I did it not so much to change my body shape because everyone knows that pleasingly plump or voluptuously vexing has its advantages, but in order to become more consistent in my walking. Walking is good for your heart. I'm happy to say that I've kept up my routine for over 6 months now and have logged over 300 miles on the elliptical cross-trainer. I’ll say that again–300 miles!!

I have some good examples to follow. My husband doesn’t look it, but he power walks at least 25 miles a week–he did 10 just yesterday! My friend Samantha is a new runner and just started a new website chronicling her running and life. I don’t know how many miles she does a week, but she’s an inspiration too–and she makes me laugh.

When I started back, my goal was to walk on the treadmill at least 10 miles a week–45 minutes a day. I later tried and fell in love with the elliptical cross-trainer because I can cover more miles in less time. I eventually got up to 16-20 miles a week. That was a bit too much for my achy hips, so I have settled on 12-16 miles a week. My endorphins kick in at about 2.25 miles and propel me through the next mile. It works good for me and my schedule.

Hope you all have a good week--put on your tennis shoes and get going.