2011 Project 365 - MyLeroyPhotography

Another annual stop is the Cigar Factory. Now what I'm about to tell you is a secret, so don't tell anyone. We don't smoke and we don't drink, but have gotten into the habit of buying "the ritual cigar" each time we take a vacation with our friends. It began many, many years ago when we went on a cruise and were told we could buy a Cuban cigar, but it had to be smoked before we got off the ship. A Cuban cigar seemed so rebellious, so we bought one. We laughed with our friends and sat on the deck "smoking" the cigar. Now we don't inhale, but have to take one puff, cough, and then complain about the smoke being caught in our throat. I know, it's stupid, but it's a ritual now and has to be done. Paul saves the leftovers in a box at his house. Each time we come here, I think about the Seinfeld episode where Kramer brought in the illegal Cuban cigar rollers and had to stow them away in some designer furniture while they worked as crepe rollers. :)

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