2011 Project 365 - MyLeroyPhotography

My brother's eldest son, Eric, married the love of his life, Veronica, today. It was one of the most wonderful weddings I've ever attended. I have attended many, many weddings--some grander, more expensive, more elaborate, more splendid, and more costly--but never have I felt more sure that a couple will spend a wonderful lifetime together. I know that their wedding was had for the right reasons--not to have a wedding, but to be wed--to join with God and each other to create a new life together.

They married in the church where Eric's parents and Dave and I were wed. It was simply decorated--no flowers or candles in the windows, no ornate flower arrangements, no special music, a single bridesmaid, a simple ceremony with "I do's" and "I take thees" and the exchange of rings. My mom even wore the same dress she had worn to Eric's parents' wedding 23 years before. Eric is in the Air Force and recently got his first station in Arizona. He came home on Thursday, married on Saturday, and flies back out (alone) on Tuesday. A short honeymoon in Florida and his bride will join him in Arizona at the end of June.

Although both are only 19 years old, I know they will have a wonderful adventurous life together and I pray God's blessings on their joining of lives.