2012 Project 365 + 1 - MyLeroyPhotography

The days are getting shorter, so I'm seeing more sunrises. It's amazing how the sun can paint the morning sky.

Now, my hummingbird story. We have three cats, but the only one I have to carefully watch is BG. She is our huntress. She normally stays in the backyard in her own little patch of shade, but sometimes she wanders to the front. I found her on the porch late last week carefully watching the hummers, so I carried her into the house where she spent a few days inside. I figured I'd get her mind off of those tantalizing hummers. Tonight, after the sun set, I saw her jump onto the screen door and saw a hummer fly by. I was talking to Matt on the phone and threw it down and went after her. She had something in her mouth, so I chased her down and made her release it. Yes, it was a hummingbird. My heart fell. I held it's limp little body in my hands and just wanted to cry. I could feel it's little heart beating but didn't see any blood or markings. What should I do? I wondered if I should put it on the ground or in a tree and let it die, but hated to think that it would die cold and alone. I cupped it in my hand and walked around to the back porch and sat down so I could allow it to die in the warmth of my hand. After about five minutes, it began to lift it's little head and flutter its wings. I opened my hand and I'll be dog-goned, that little buggar few off. Yay! I'm guessing it was just in shock. I hope that it recovers enough to continue his journey. Say a prayer for the little creature.