2012 Project 365 + 1 - MyLeroyPhotography

It was another beautiful day with temps in the low 60s. I decided this might be my last chance to re-explore an abandoned 2-room home. It was lived in by a man who became somewhat of a hermit after his wife divorced him and she and their daughter moved away. The home is not outfitted with electricity, so there are kerosene lamps throughout. There is an old iron stove in the kitchen, with a newer Coleman propane stove on top and an old white cabinet from the 1930s sits in the corner. In the back is a hand pump and outhouse with square seats.

I was there a couple years ago and was amazed with the items that remain inside the home. Everything is basically as it was when the owner died. Although the rats and other critters have made themselves at home, on the bed was a beautiful handmade quilt and others were in broken dressers on the back porch. I've always wondered why the family didn't take those heirlooms with them. I love quits, so it breaks my heart to know they were left behind to be used as bedding for rats.