2012 Project 365 + 1 - MyLeroyPhotography

My alma mater, Foley High School, came to Jackson to play the Aggies. I traded covering Leroy's away game with someone else so I could see my youngest nephew play in the "Band from Lion Land." They are so large that they travel in six school buses and have a semi tractor trailer that carries their equipment. It costs so much for them to travel that they had to bring a reduced size to Jackson (just brass and drums) and they didn't get to march. But, wow! They blew every other band in our area out of the stands. They were phenomenal! My nephew hates when I take his picture, so I decided I'd zombie him and the band up a bit with a little processing from PicMonkey. (He's not normally green with mottled skin--I promise.) My heart swelled with pride when they played "Hip Hip Hooray for Mr. Touchdown," when Foley scored. They used to play that when I was in school. Loved it! They weren't used to all the "community spirit" and were surprised at the "smack and trash talk" from the Jackson fans. They kept reminding everyone who accosted them that they were the band and not the football team. Ha ha! One more thing that I must say--they were all very polite, had a wonderful time playing together, and left the stands spotless, not one piece of trash. They made me very proud.