2012 Project 365 + 1 - MyLeroyPhotography

Whew! What a super long day. I went to Mom's and spent the day making gumbo for my sister's and nieces' birthday celebration. Good gumbo takes a good four hours to make. While it simmered, I went looking for the sunset. I went to many of my friend's and relatives' houses on the bay, but they weren't home. I was afraid to trespass, so I went looking for another spot. I found this field in front of a friend's house. It was so quiet and peaceful--or so I thought--there was apparently a neighboring home located in the woods across the road and the man and woman took to yelling and screaming. I got out of there quickly lest someone pull out a shotgun. Oh, well--I did get to try the gumbo and it was perfection. Can't wait until tomorrow.