2013 Project 365 - MyLeroyPhotography

Two Black Cats

This is BOBB (Big Old Black Boy) with the green eyes. Bobb arrived at our house several years ago--even with all the dogs. He started by living under the front porch. We referred to him as "the old man under the porch." We discovered later that he originally belonged to one of our church members. They called him Bijou because his eyes were like emeralds. They moved about 6 to 8 miles from their original home, taking Bijou and their other cats with them. But neighborhood dogs chased the cats, scaring many of them off or perhaps killing them. Our friends thought Bijou had been killed. Several years later, I was telling her how, out of the blue, Bobb had taken up under our porch. She asked if he had some white fur on his hind leg. I told her no, but later noticed that he did. She stopped by one day after church and, sure enough, it was Bijou. He had traveled several miles to finally feel safe at our home. She said he was neutered in the fall of 1998, so he is about 15 years old.