2013 Project 365 - MyLeroyPhotography

We had a busy but lazy Sunday -- church, out to eat, stop by the store, back home to sit in the air conditioning and watch TV. Puff and Blue Boy hung out on the sofa with Dave. Blue Boy was made and given to us by Dave's grandma because it looked like one of our cats. It was made over 20 years ago. We have owned several cats and, with the exception of a beautiful spotted black and white cat named Prissy, all have been either black or grey tabby long-haired. When we first moved to Leroy, we had a pair of siblings named Blue Boy and Pinky (named after the famous paintings). Pinky was black and Blue Boy looked like Puff. I sometimes think that Puff is the reincarnation of Blue Boy and BG is the reincarnation of Pinky (although I don't believe in reincarnation). Nonetheless, it makes a good story.