2013 Project 365 - MyLeroyPhotography

Ellie Mae, our 12 year old yellow lab hasn't been doing very well for the past few days. She quit eating and drinking and we were convinced she was dying. We brought her into her favorite spot in the kitchen and began dotting on her, brushing, stroking, and loving on her. We've taken other animals to the vet to be put down, but she didn't appear to be in pain and we just wanted to make her comfortable, avoiding the terrifying trip to the vet. She was in the house for two days, drinking a little and eating a little when hand-fed. We figured the end was near. Dave left her in my care and went to church and a referee meeting. As I was making more hummingbird food, she kept watching me. I finally rolled her over to a bathmat we had for her, rubbed her tummy and gave her a little bacon. I went back to my work and next thing I knew, she was standing up and headed for the front door. She was a bit wobbly, but made her way down the porch and into the yard where she finally peed. The other dogs welcomed her back and she eventually took her place in the yard to watch for Dave's return. Her recovery kind of reminded me of the grandmother (played by Betty White) in The Proposal. After telling the family to love each other and saying goodbye, she closes her eyes to go peacefully into death. After a few moments, she sits up and tells them she guesses its not her time to go. That's how Ellie was.