2013 Project 365 - MyLeroyPhotography

Hummingbird Summer I recently heard Bill Finch, the Executive Director of Mobile Botanical Gardens and expert on Gulf Coast gardening, talk about the six seasons of the Gulf Coast. This is how he broke it down: Spring - February 20 through April 19 Early summer - April 20 through June 19 Gulf Summer - June 20 through August 19 Hurricane Summer - August 20 through October 19 Fall - October 20 through December 19 Winter - December 20 through February 19 We're not like other areas of the country; we're the Gulf Coast and have a really long summer. Early summer is typical, classic; gulf summer brings tons of rain; and hurricane summer is relatively dry, with lower humidity, peppered with tropical systems that slide in and out. I think he's right, although I would change "hurricane summer" to "hummingbird summer." This is the time of year when the hummingbirds come through on their migration south. Today we had about eight. You know they're coming when you have three or four sharing a feeder. Hummingbirds don't like to share. So get ready for an overdose of hummingbird pictures.